Why We Are the Leaders

Why We Are the Leaders

To continue to grow in leadership and knowledge, excel in innovative technology, interact and share with colleagues and produce the best damn products in the area.

SpecialtiesStart ups, New Products, On-line products, fining tuning business, building relationships with customers, working with people in and out of office, budgets, projections. organization building.



A Brief Note explaining the Series to members and Friends …"My gift to you and the industry that I love. . . It is my way to give back."

I call it:   A Perspective 101 Series.  (A perspective is an individual look of an issue.)   It has 101 presentations with the entire same look and a professional design.

The files are in 2 formats, PDF and PowerPoint Show, that way you don't need to own PowerPoint program to see it.  PowerPoint SHOW is FREE download.  Each file is numbered.    Some are marked for management.

After 35 years and working and running/overseeing 10 companies (the smallest with 25 employees and the largest 250 employees, and 2 printing plants) and doing all the training, I have put together the best of the best I have done or have shared with others in the past.

"The presentations and slides are made so you can present them yourself.  As someone else will not being discussing them with your team, that is your job.  The slides are easy for you to follow and you can present them just like an expert.  Most of the presentations (on an avg.) are only 6 to 15 slides each.

The Key for you and your management is to use them to create an ongoing discussion with your TEAM and PLEASE… tie in your personal sales experience and your stories (good and bad) of sales.  We all remember Stories!

MY FEAR is that we need to make sure that this kind of information gets to the NOT only Publishers, General Managers or Owners but also to the Sales Managers, Director of Sales and the Management Team. This way it will be included in your sales meetings and on to your sales team.

Soooo…If you receive these presentations always forward to your Management Team.  DON’T KEEP THEM IN YOUR INBOX OR ONLY ON YOUR COMPUTER    USE THEM!   

Remember your TEAM will remember your stories." ...So add your personal touch and stories to the presentation, so own it

I believe this will help small to medium size papers a great deal.  There is NO COST... if you use  it   (Hopefully YOU will)...and no strings or any advantage for me, what so ever.    Your team will love you and your sales WILL increase.

I just want it to go out little by little weekly and present it, so your team looks forward to it and it is always on your minds to train your people.
"My gift to you and the industry that I love. . . It is my way to give back."

J.W. Owens